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The sardonic sardine

The sardonic sardine

A waiter garnishes plates of sardines at the Cova Fumada dining establishment in Barcelona, Spain. (Angel Garcia/Bloomberg)

Something I simply found out: “sardonic” and “sardine” are etymologically associated. “Sardine,” unsurprisingly, seems associated with the island of Sardinia, near which sardines were typically fished. (The Oxford English Dictionary very carefully states they “might” be related, however the American Heritage is more positive.)

And “sardonic” likewise associates with Sardinia, due to the fact that of a Sardinian plant (in Latin, the OED informs us, “herba Sardonia or Sardōa”), which apparently “produce[d] facial convulsions looking like terrible laughter, generally followed by death.” Rather the island.

Obviously, “prospect” is likewise etymologically associated to the organism that triggers yeast infections.

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