Vancouver Law Firm | L.A. County Authorizes Ambitious Juvenile Diversion Strategy
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L.A. County Authorizes Ambitious Juvenile Diversion Strategy

L.A. County Authorizes Ambitious Juvenile Diversion Strategy

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted all for an enthusiastic strategy to divert countless the county’s youth far from the juvenile and criminal justice systems, linking them rather to an extensive variety of encouraging services,reports the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Speakers stated strong assistance for a 78- page report, “A Roadmap for Advancing Youth Diversion in LA County,” that offered the structure for the sweeping technique proposed. “This is a historical day in the history of justice reform,” stated Dr. Robert Ross of The California Endowment informed the board. “We understand that 80 percent of the youth now being apprehended in the county might be diverted to community-based services if the strategy is recognized.”

The report stated 13,665 arrests and citations were provided to the county’s young in2015 About 11,000 of those 2015 arrests– “consisting of status offenses, misdemeanors, and low-level felonies”– would have been qualified for diversion in lieu of arrest or citation had the brand-new program been working. Michael Nash of the Workplace of Kid Defense, previous administering juvenile court judge, stated the program will assist make sure that foster youth “have equivalent gain access to” to the benefits and services of diversion. Speakers explained the 18- month procedure of developing the proposed brand-new technique as an abnormally inclusive one, including police leaders, regional judges, county authorities, health specialists, neighborhood supporters and youths who had themselves been jailed.

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